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May 2014


We had a busy month in April, starting with the Monterey Bay trip to Pasadera Country Club and Rancho Canada West, followed by tournaments closer to home at River Oaks and Mather. 


Pasadera Country Club

TRGC had pretty decent weather for both days in Monterey.  The turnout could have been a little better, but the members who did attend had a great two days of golf and social activities.  Monterey/Carmel has the best collection of fine restaurants and fantastic scenery anywhere!  Pasadera Country Club, soon to be renamed Nicklaus Private-Monterey, is a beautiful course but tough to play.  There are lots of ways to go wrong here!  TRGC played a skins format at Pasadera—the more skins you win, the more money you collect.  Ken Peterson tallied two skins, followed by Bill Eshbach, Dave Ward and guest Matt Winans with one each.    


Rancho Canada West

The club played the standard stroke format with two flights for this event.  The weather was still good and the course was in nice shape.  We didn’t do fewest putts or closest to the pin because of the limited turnout.



1st Flight

1     Don Dodds (guest)              68 net

2     Mike Morrow                         70 (card off)

3     Mike Ryan                             70


2nd Flight

1     Jim Svobodny                      67 net

2     Ernest Jiles                           68 (card off)

3     Sandy Davis                         68



River Oaks

Back in the Sacramento area, we played at River Oaks on April 12.  Once again, we had decent weather and good course conditions, plus a good turnout of players.  Some of our golfers turned in fantastic scores:  Jim Svobodny had a net 59, Ken Peterson had a net 60 and Joe Gough shot a net 63. 


River Oaks Results:

1st Flight

1  Mike Long                         65 net

2  Brett Svobodny                66

3  Alan Staton                       67       

4  Jeff Robertson                 69


Brett Svobodny won low putts with a great 27 putt total.


2nd Flight

1  Jim Svobodny                  59 net

2  Ken Peterson                   60

3  Renee Wildenberg          69

4  Pat Gemma                      70


Sandy Davis took the fewest putts with 29.


3rd Flight

1  Joe Gough                        63 net

2  Bill Eshbach                     66 (card off)

3  Cheryl Nelson                  66

4  Rich Stratton                    66


Joe Gough topped the putters with 28.


Closest to the Pin results:

#3  Chris Macias, 8’ 6”, #6  Rich Anderson, 25’ 3”, #8  Cheryl Nelson, 17’ 5”, #11  Tom Page, 5’ 3”, #14  Mark Ferguson, 15’ even.



The weather was cloudy and cool for the Mather tournament, but that seemed fine compared to all the rain that fell on the previous day.  Mather was in good condition, but there wasn’t a lot of roll on the fairways.  The rough was very thick and wet!  Almost every golfer found that trying to advance the ball from a deep lie off the fairway was a difficult proposition.  The format for this tournament was two-person best ball.


Mather Results:

1st Flight

1  Jim and Brett Svobodny                         62 net

2  Jim White and Leo Winternitz               64 (Card off)

3  Bob Castillo and Carlos Salazar           64


Rich Anderson won the fewest putts with 25.


2nd Flight

1  Mike Long and Larry Ward                     62 net

2  Sara and Steve Ryan                             63

3  Bill Eshbach and Michael Marks          65


Dan Nelson topped the 2nd flight with 30 putts.


3rd Flight

1  Gene Coughlin and Dave Ward           60 net

2  Cheryl and Dan Nelson                         62

3  Peggy Mucci and James Snyder          65


Allen Murdaugh won the fewest putts with 30.


Closest to the pin winners were: 

#3  Allen Murdaugh, 15’ 5”, #7  John Valdes, 6’ 8”, #11  John Valdes, 15’ 1”, #14  Steve Ryan, 19’ 9”. 


Coming Events

The next TRGC event will be Castle Oaks on May 17th.   This is a great golf course, and popular, so sign up right away to get a slot.  In June we play Rocklin Golf Club on June 7th and Micke Grove on June 28th.


Renee will send out the entry forms for these tournaments as the dates get closer—enter early!


The recent rainstorm in the Sacramento area courses was welcomed by the local golf courses.  Let’s hope for more of the same.




Our membership roll in our club has now risen to 102.   As always, TRGC is looking to increase its member base, so don’t forget to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to play golf with our club.  Also, your can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for every new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per year).  Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself to the new members.






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