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December 2017


We didn’t have any tournaments or other events in November, so this is the RENEW, RECRUIT AND PARTICIPATE issue. 2018 will be the 25th year of operation for the Two Rivers Golf Club, a noteworthy achievement for any club. The Board will be setting up several special events to celebrate this anniversary. To start out, let me thank all the members who took the time to complete and return the club survey. Renee Wildenberg and the rest of the Board spent a lot of time developing the survey; it was gratifying to have so many members complete the survey and express their opinions on the club operations. The Board went over all the answers and incorporated as many of the suggestions as possible for the upcoming year.


What did the board learn from the surveys?

--No one is in love with early, early start times, especially after a considerable drive

--Shotgun starts are preferred over regular tee times because the participants tend to stay for the results

--Most of the members would rather pay a little more for a better course in top condition than pay a little less for a bargain course in lesser condition

--Most of the members would like to see more variety in the scoring formats, such as scrambles, shambles and best-ball team events

--Several members said that they would like to see more turnover in the Board positions to get new ideas (an excellent suggestion; toss your hat into the ring!)

--Spice up the rounds with other ideas, such as long-drive contests


We received many other suggestions on the club operation; the ones above were the ones that seemed to show up most often. Special thanks to the club members who complimented the Board for their past work and expressed support for the Board’s continued efforts. We appreciate your support.


After all this, here is the schedule for 2018:


February 17              Empire Ranch, 11:30 shotgun start

March 3                    Ancil Hoffman, 10:30 shotgun start

March 24                  Turkey Creek, 9:00 shotgun start

April 5 & 6                Monterey trip, Nicklaus Private Course & Quail Lodge

April 21                    Micke Grove, 8:00 shotgun start

May 12                     Bing Maloney, 8:00 shotgun start

June 2                     Timber Creek, 8:00 shotgun start w/25th anniversary luncheon

June 23                   Wildhawk, 8:00 regular tee times

August 11                Darkhorse, 9:00 shotgun start

September 8            Cherry Island, 8:00 start, regular tee times

September 29          Lincoln Hills (Hills Course), 8:00 shotgun start

September 30          Teal Bend, 8:00 shotgun start

October 11              Reno Trip, TBA

October 27              Bartley Cavanaugh, end-of-year scramble, awards & luncheon


Setting up a year’s schedule is incredibly time-consuming, sort of like Rubik’s Cube with courses and tee times. Shift a course here, run into a conflict there; make another change, hit another conflict. Some courses which we would have liked to have on the schedule could not give us dates/tee times that would work for us, so those courses didn’t make the list. Bear in mind that the four municipal courses on the regular schedule (Ancil Hoffman, Bing Maloney, Haggin Oaks, and Cherry Island) have all developed strong maintenance programs with excellent greens and overall course conditions. Note also that we will have later start times in the early part of the year when temperatures run cooler, moving to earlier starts as the temperatures rise. Only one 7:30 start time, though, and it’s at a close-in course. Some of the courses won’t offer shotgun starts, too, so we had to go with regular tee times. The courses scheduled for the earlier part of 2018 are all notable for their good-draining properties. Nothing can save a tournament if we get record-level rain like 2017, but with more normal rainfall, these courses will help give us a good playing experience.


The scoring formats will be adjusted later; there will be some innovations. Also, two events will feature long-drive contests with cash prizes for the top male and female long driver. Time to hit the gym? Also to be added later: mid-week events. Nick and the Board are looking at various dates and venues. See the paragraph below.


Now, all that’s left is for the TRGC members to complete the following tasks:

Renew your membership

Recruit a few friends to the club

Participate in as many tournaments as possible in the coming year


Saddle Creek

Last year, Mike Morrow set up a well-attended mid-week outing at Saddle Creek Resort in July. He is working on another event for 2018; Mike would like to get a sense of how many TRGC members & guests might attend. Please send Mike an email at morrowundesided@yahoo.com if you would be interested in the outing.



James Snyder continues to upgrade our TRGC website at www.tworiversgolfclub.com. The 2018 schedule is on the website, though not in final form. James will continue to make progress as the season goes on. Thanks, James, for all your hard work.



As always, TRGC is looking to increase its membership base. Recruitment is the lifeblood of any organization, so be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.Renee Wildenberg has just sent out the renewal form again, so don’t delay.

Get your renewal forms and checks into Judy Davenport—avoid those nasty late fees!



We’re looking forward to the return of Leo Winternitz, Jim Svobodny and Basil Lobaugh from 2017 surgery. Other club members are trying hard to return to better health, myself included. My strongest hope for 2018 is for all our TRGC members and families to have a happy Christmas season and a healthy year ahead.



If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.




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