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May 2015


TRGC had a busy time in April:  the month started with two-event Monterey trip and ended with our Teal Bend tournament.  We were fortunate to have great weather for all the events.


Our Monterey trip opened at Poppy Hills, newly remodeled and playing fast in the fairways and really fast on the greens.  We even had an Alice Cooper sighting—the famous rocker and golf nut was making the turn on his early-morning round at Poppy Hills as we were on the practice green.  Brett Svobodny posed for a picture with the musician.  For Poppy Hills, we used a skins format to determine the winners, while at Nicklaus Golf Club we competed with standard stroke play.



1st Flight

Jim Svobodny                                               2 skins

Richard Ribacchi                                         2 skins

Mike Morrow                                               1 skin

Kim Staley                                                    1 skin

Michael Marks                                             1 skin


Kim Staley won the fewest putts with 30.


2nd Flight

John Valdes                                                  2 skins

Mary Ribacchi                                              2 skins

Peggy Mucci                                                 1 skin

Ester Rounds                                                1 skin

Joe Gough                                                     1 skin


Ernest Jiles won low putts with 30.


Closest to the Pin:

#2  Brett Svobodny, 22’ 9”, #6  Mary Ribacchi, 5’ 7”, #11  Kim Staley, 5’ 11”, #15  Jeff Robertson, 10’ 2”, #17  Mary McDearmid, 3’ 10”.





1st Flight

1  Brett Svobodny                                         71 net

2  Jim White                                                  72

3  Jeff Robertson                                          74

4  Kim Staley                                                  76


Paul Frazier had the fewest putts with 29


2nd Flight

1  Sandy Davis                                              74 net

2  Peggy Mucci                                             78

3  Tim Peart                                                  79

4  Connie Kilmain                                          80 (card off)

5  Ernest Jiles                                               80


James Snyder won the fewest putts with 30.


Closest to the Pin:  #3 Brett Svobodny, 9’ 8”, #6 Kim Staley, 15 2”, #8 Ernest Jiles, 16’ 11”, #11 Brett Svobodny, 27’ 8”, #14 Brett Svobodny, 22’ 4”, #16 Mary Ribacchi, 11’ 5”.



1st Flight

1  Mike Long                                                 67 net

2  Brad Erway                                               68

3  Ken Peterson                                            69

4  Dustin Buck                                              70


Basil Lobaugh won the fewest putts with 29.


2nd Flight

1  Marc Wilson                                             65 net

2  Brett Svobodny                                       67

3  Jim Svobodny                                           69

4  Bill Draper                                                70


Sandy Davis carded the fewest putts with 29.


3rd Flight

1  Renee Wildenberg                                   66 (card off)

2  Gene Coughlin                                         66

3  Zach Peart                                              69

4  Mike Papathakis                                     70


Zach Peart beat the field for least putts with 31.


4th Flight

1  Cheryl Nelson                                          65

2  Ester Rounds                                           72 (card off)

3  Nancy Luke                                             72

4  Al Murdaugh                                            78


Sandra English won the fewest putts with 31 in a card off.


Closet to the pin:  #4  Jim White, 13’ 5”,  #9  David Haworth, 9’ 6”,  #12  John Buck, 7’ 4”, #16  Renee Wildenberg, 16’ 4”.


The Teal Bend event was also the NCGA Associate Club qualifier; we will send Mike Long and Marc Wilson to the next level as our representatives.



Castle Oaks is coming up fast on Saturday, May 9.  Renee already has the entry forms out for this event.  In June, we have the Elkhorn Golf Club tournament on Saturday, June 6.  Later in the month, we will play at River Oaks  on Saturday, June 27.  Closing out the month, we have a 2-day, mid-week event in Carson City on June 29 and 30.  We will be staying at Gold Dust West and playing at Eagle Valley and Dayton Valley golf courses.  Nick Schiaretti has sent out the information for this event.  All in all, June will be a busy month; get your entries in early!



Here are the top end of the club point standings after the Monterey and Teal Bend tournaments:

1  Jim Svobodny                                91

2  Brett Svobodny                            87.5

3  Brad Erway                                   75

3  Sandy Davis                                  75

5  Mike Morrow                                67.5

6  Ester Rounds                                67

7  Nancy Luke                                  65

8  Renee Wildenberg                        62.5

9  Zach Peart                                   60

10  Joe Gough                                  59.5

10  Peggy Mucci                              59.5

12  Michael Marks                            57.5

12  Cheryl Nelson                            57.5

12  Dustin Buck                               57.5



We added another new member to the club, bringing our total to 107.  As always, TRGC is looking to increase its membership base, so be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.  Don’t forget, you can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for each new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per person per year).



Our health issues for club members seem to be stabilized right now; let’s hope this continues.  Sandy Davis is still undergoing treatment for serious eye problems, but the results show that he is still playing good golf. 



If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.


Tom Page






Our membership roll in our club has now risen to 102.   As always, TRGC is looking to increase its member base, so don’t forget to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to play golf with our club.  Also, your can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for every new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per year).  Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself to the new members.






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