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This page will be reserved for TRGC news and events,golf news of the day. Especially welcome will be personal story's..i.e. , new memberships, members golf outings of interest,weddings,birthday's. Recent tournament results, tips on great courses to play.


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May 2016


We had a decent turnout for Darkhorse in early April, plus good weather for the event.  Darkhorse isn’t an easy golf course by any means, but some really good scores came from our players.




1st Flight

1 Mike Morrow   65 net
2 Brett Svobodny 70
3 Brad Erway 71 (card off)
4 Steve Ryan 71

Mike Morrow won the fewest putts contest with 31.


2nd Flight

1 Sandy Davis 68 net
2 Jay Watson 70
3 Will Wong 74
4 Mike Papathakis 75

Will Wong carded the fewest putts with 33.


3rd Flight

1 Dan Nelson   68 net
2 Paul Sickert 70
3 Judy Davenport  77
4 Mike Dazey 78

James Snyder had the fewest putts with 32.


Closest to the Pin winners:

#3, Steve Ryan, 48', #6, Rosanna Evans, 7' 1", #13, Mike Morrow, 4" 5", #16, Brad Erway, 8' 5".




Later in April, club members traveled to Monterey for two rounds of golf at Blackhorse (on the former Fort Ord military base) and the Nicklaus Club a little further east.  We had beautiful, sunny weather, but, it was very windy.   Blackhorse was rated the easier of the two courses, but the pin positions were set up for a high-end tournament, which drove most of us crazy with putting!  The Nicklaus Club had a bit less wind and easier pin locations, so the scores were a little better. 


The competition at Blackhorse was the skins format; here are the winners:


1st Flight

Michael Marks and Mary McDearmind (guest/former member) had two skins each.


2nd Flight

Donna Anderson won four skins, Tim Peart won two skins, and Sara Ryan, Nick Schiaretti, James Snyder and Dave Ward won one skin each. 


Closest to the Pin winners:

#2, Rich Anderson, 42’, #5, Matt Winans (guest), 25’, #15, James Snyder, 42’ 6”, #17, Mike Morrow, 4’ 3”.


We used the standard stroke play format at the Nicklaus Club.

1st Flight

1 Jim Svobodny   74 net
2 Michael Marks 76
3 Mike Morrow 78

Mike Morrow won the fewest putts with 32.


2nd Flight

1 Gary Schiaretti 75 net
2 Connie Kilmain 77
3 Nick Schiaretti 82
4 Peggy Mucci 84

Connie Kilmain had the fewest putting total with 31.


Closest to the Pin winners:

#8, Matt Winans, 6’ 7”, #11, Brett Svobodny, 5’ 11”, #14, Matt Winans, 56’ 8”.




We play Elkhorn Golf Club in Stockton on May 7, so this event is happening right now Later in May, we will play at Castle Oaks in Ione on Saturday, May 21.  This is always one of the favorite courses on our schedule, so get your entries in early.  June starts out with Wildhorse in Davis on June 11.






Will Wong has updated our club website to show the 2016 tournament schedule and other current information, including the 2016 membership renewal form. 


Also, results from each tournament are now posted on the TRGC web site at tworiversgolfclub.com. Information includes results for all participants. Prize winners are noted in each flight with 1st through 4th places for low net scores as well as the winner for least putts. Points earned by all participants include 1st through 4th places for low net scores, including ties. All participants earn 10 points for attendance. A legend at the bottom of the form identifies the points system. For your information, all regular Saturday events will be posted as tournament scores this year. Special weekday events like Monterey, Yoche Dehe, Silverado, etc. are posted as away scores.



Nope, I can’t help make you a better player.  The tip of the month might make you a faster player, though, which will help your game and the overall pace of our tournaments.


May Tip:  Now Don’t Dawdle, Amaryllis!  Remember that great line from the Music Man?  Well, it works for golf, too.  After your foursome has finished putting out on a hole, Don’t Dawdle, Amaryllis!  Hop in your carts and drive to the next tee box.  That’s the best location to write down scores, clean clubs, complain about that third putt lipping out and all that stuff.  Please, don’t do any of this next to the previous green.  Keep it moving!


Thanks again to Rosanna Evans.



Lastly, TRGC is no longer using the 10-stroke rule.  The rule was poorly understood and didn’t seem to be helping speed up play at all, so the Board of Directors voted to eliminate its usage.



The TRGC Board of Directors has made some changes in the way in which points are awarded in our tournaments.  Here is a brief summary of those changes:

--Points for participation in regular TRGC tournaments will be 10 points for each tournament.  In past years, more points were awarded as an individual’s number or tournaments went up.  Now, the points will be the same for every event.

--Points for winning/placing in flights will be awarded regardless of ties.  This is different from prize money, which uses card offs to determine final placings.  For points purposes, if 3 players tie for second in a flight, each of the players will received 3rd place points.  This means that the points awarded will not always match the placing shown in the newsletter results.

--Points will be awarded only for the regular weekend TRGC events, including the two club championship tournaments.  Points will not be awarded for competing in weekday events, the Monterey trip nor the Reno trip.

--Points awarded will be 20 for 1st and ties, 15 for 2nd and ties, 10 for 3rd and ties, 15 for 4th and ties.


These changes were made to increase the competiveness of the year-long point race.  The Board considered that many club members are not able to take time off from work to play in the weekday events or the Monterey and Reno trips.  Also, more points will be awarded for ties in the regular tournaments, again with the purpose of making the points competition closer.  This description of the point allotments clarifies my paragraphs on the subject last month.


After two tournaments, here are the club point leaders:


Dan Nelson


2 Mike Morrow  70
2 Bob Prouty  70
4 Brad Erway  65
5 Mike Dazey  60
5 Judy Davenport  60
5 Jim Svobodny 60
8 Sandy Davis  55
8 Cheryl Nelson 55
8 Peggy Mucci  55
8 Rich Sabbagh  55
12 Tim Peart 50
13 Joe Gough 45
13 Mike Long 45
13 Beverly Nelson  45
13 Brett Svobodny 45
13 Jay Watson  45
13 Dwain Yearwood 45
19 John Buck 40
19 Rosanna Evans 40
19 Michael Marks 40
19 Tom Page 40
19 Terry Snyder 40
19 Rich Stratton 40




As always, TRGC is looking to increase its membership base, so be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.  Don’t forget, you can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for each new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per person per year).



Terry Snyder had knee replacement surgery on April—hope everything is going well, Terry.  John Valdes’ mother is seriously ill; John has traveled home to provide care and support.  I’m sorry to report that Jim Svobodny’s mother (Brett’s grandmother) has passed away.  Remember to keep the ailing club members in your thoughts and prayers. 




If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.



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