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Tom's Newsletter


Two Rivers Golf Club








March 2018


We have our first tournament results from Empire Ranch. Our opening event had all pluses: warm weather

(we caught the tail end of a nice mild streak), excellent course conditions and a strong turnout from our

members (55 participants). This was quite a change from the mud bath we experienced last year!



1st Flight

1   Glenn Fluke          65 net

2   Alan Staton         66

3   Bob Prouty          69 (card off)


Glenn Fluke won the fewest putts with 29.


2nd Flight

1   Rich Stratton          69

2   Ernest Jiles           70

3   Terry Snyder         72 (card off)


Ernest Jiles carded the fewest putts with 32.


3rd Flight

1   Peggy Mucci            63

2   Sherry Hilger         64

3   Steve Fierro          65


Renee Wildenberg won the fewest putts with 31.


4th Flight

1   Bryan Goodman         68

2   Cheryl Nelson           70 (card off)

3   Nancee Staley         70


Brian Ferguson won the fewest putts with 35 putts.


Closest to the Pin Winners:

Hole #2, Ken Peterson, 9�3�, hole #8, Sharon Swanson, 17�8�, hole #12, Dot McKee, 7�5�, hole #16,

Cheryl Nelson, 23�1�, hole #18, Mike Ryan, 6�10�.


Cindy, our Little Logo Girl, had to cancel her attendance at Empire Ranch.Nick is working to set

up another tournament for us to order TRGC logo-branded sportswear from her.


News Flash: Our March 3 tournament at Ancil Hoffman was canceled due to the series of storms

hitting Sacramento. The tournament has been rescheduled for March 17 same starting time


Meanwhile, our next event on the regular schedule will be Turkey Creek on March 24, which will be

our first NCGA qualifier. Next up is our Monterey trip on March 29 and 30. If you are planning to

go to Monterey with the club but have not formally signed up yet, contact Nick Schiaretti right away and

mail in your checks. This trip is always a highlight of the year do not miss it!


April kicks off with Micke Grove on the 21st; this will be our second NCGA qualifier, too.


Do not forget that later in the year, we will have long-drive contests in two of our tournaments, with cash

prizes to the longest-hitting male and female winners. The events will be Bing Maloney on May 12

(hole#9) and Haggin Oaks on July 21 (hole#11). That leaves plenty of time to work on your bomber swings!






I have reprinted the remainder 2018 schedule:


March 24           Turkey Creek         9:30 shotgun       $65 Cart, prize fund, range balls Stroke play (NCGA

                     Qualifier, 2 players will qualify)          

Monterey Trip


March 29           Nicklaus Club           10:00 tee times           $105.00 Cart, prize fund, range balls           Skins format

March 30           Quail Lodge10:06 tee times           $105 Cart, range balls, prize fund           Stroke play

April 21           Micke Grove            $60 Cart, prize fund           Stroke play           NCGA Team Qualifier (4 players will qualify to make one team)

May 12           Bing Maloney 8:00 shotgun           $47 Cart, prize fund           Partners best ball

June 2           Timber Creek           8:00 shotgun$87 Cart, range balls, prize fund, 25th anniversary luncheon Scramble

June 23           Wildhawk 8:00 shotgun           $67 Cart, prize fund Stroke play (NCGA Qualifier 2 Seniors 55+ will make one team)

July 21           Haggin Oaks 7:30 shotgun           $62 Cart, prize fund           Stroke play           (NCGA Net Amateur, 4 players will qualify)

July 26           Saddle Creek Thursday, mid-week outing set up by Mike Morrow

August 11           Darkhorse 9:00 shotgun            $64 Cart, range balls, prize fund           Better Nine

September 8           Cherry Island 8:00 shotgun           $57 Cart, prize fund           Stroke play

September 29          Lincoln Hills (Orchard) 8:00 shotgun $64 Cart, range balls, prize fund Stroke play

(Club Championship #1)

September 30           Teal Bend 8:00 shotgun           $64 Cart, range balls, prize fund Stroke play

(Club Championship #2)

October 11-14           Reno Trip           Details to be announced

October 27          Bartley Cavanaugh (Scramble, awards and luncheon)



Information from Vice-President Mike Morrow: The NCGA website has a listing for their 2018 Tournament schedule. Some of the tournaments require qualifying through your own club and some do not; the schedule on the website is broken down so you can easily see which is which. Schedule also shows the handicap level needed to enter and sites to be played. Mike called the NCGA office and was informed that registration will open at the end of January. While on the web site, everyone could also take a look at all the events the NCGA has to offer and the courses they have lined up.



James Snyder continues to update our club website to show the proposed 2018 tournament schedule and other current information, including the 2018 membership renewal form. This is a big job; thanks, James for your work to give us a better website. Check it out when you get a chance and use it as a reference for upcoming events: www.tworiversgolfclub.com



Welcome back, all of you who renewed your membership. We have had a few late member renewals and several new members sign up. Judy Davenport tallies our current membership at 81, which is good news for the club. Be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.



I am happy to say that I do not know of any new health issues among our membership. I know some of us have leftover concerns that need a little work, but overall, I think our members are in good shape health-wise. Let us keep it that way!



If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.


Tom Page






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