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This page will be reserved for TRGC news and events,golf news of the day. Especially welcome will be personal story's..i.e. , new memberships, members golf outings of interest,weddings,birthday's. Recent tournament results, tips on great courses to play.


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April 2017


The club had to cancel the March 11 tournament at Mather—the course just wasn’t in any condition to be played. We got a nice break in the weather for Turkey Creek; after a week of rain, we had a nice day with sunshine and light wind. The course was wet, though, and the final scores reflected the difficult conditions.


1st1st Flight

1 Ron Mantsch 67 net
2 Brad Erway 71
3 Jim Svobodny 72
4 Jeff Robertson 73 (card off)

Ron Mantsch won the fewest putts with 31.


2nd Flight

1 Rosanna Evans 73
2 Bruce Prokopow 75
3 Tim Peart 78
4 Tom Page 79

Tim Peart carded the fewest putts with a 37.


3rd Flight

1 Renee Wildenberg 72 (card off)
2 Cheryl Nelson 72
3 Peggy Mucci 76
4 Scott Stremple 78

Scott Stremple won the fewest putts with 34.


Closest to the Pin winners:

Hole #3, Brad Erway, 6' 11", Hole #8, Brett Svobodny, 23' 2", Hole #11, Ron Mantsch, 1' 6", Hole #14, Ron Mantsch, 9' 3".



We enjoyed great weather and two high-end courses for our Monterey trip. Too bad the turnout was low, those who didn’t play would have enjoyed the outing very much. Quail Lodge in particular was a fine balance between difficulty and ways to shoot around forced carries. The ladies would love this course! Unfortunately, Carmel Valley Ranch is a Pete Dye design, a man who has made quite a lucrative career out of ruining recreational golf for players all over the country. No different here: hard tee shot angles, blind tee shots, surprise bunkers, diabolical greens, all there to make your round a lesson in frustration. Still, some of the players liked it OK and we all finished. Quail Lodge was played as a skins format (thank you Sandy Davis) and Carmel Valley Ranch was traditional stroke play.




Gene Coughlin led the way with 2 skins ($24 each!), while Dwaine Yearwood, Dave Ward, Jim Svobodny, Brett Svobodny and Sandy Davis collected 1 each.



Closest to the Pin winners:

Hole #2, James Snyder, 33' 10"(this was a 203 yard hole!), Hole #5, Matt Winans, 15' 5", Hole #8, Ernest Jiles, 46' 2", Hole #12, Sandy Davis, 12', 5"Hole #17, David Harrison, 23', 11".



1 Jim Svobodny 70 net
2 Ernest Jiles 72
3 Jeff Robertson 73
4 Tim Peart 74
5 Mike Morrow 79



Our next weekend event is coming up at Elkhorn Country Club on Saturday, April 22. This date has moved from the 22nd to the 8th and back to the 22nd. Now it’s the 22nd for sure and there is still time to contact Renee to play. On May 13, we will play Castle Oaks, always a huge favorite. Be sure to sign up early for this event; it could fill up to capacity. On June 3, TRGC will play at Lincoln Hills. Nick is trying to find a replacement venue for the cancelled Mather tournament, we’ll keep you posted.



Our TRGC Website at www.tworiversgolfclub.com is in a state of flux currently, but James Snyder is doing a great job of updating the info. He will continue to make progress as the season goes on; this is a big job!



As always, TRGC is looking to increase its membership base. Recruitment is the lifeblood of any organization, so be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club. Don’t forget, you can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for each new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per person per year).



Dan Nelson recently had knee replacement surgery. He is recovering well and hopes to be back on the golf courses before too long.

Kim Staley had recent surgery and radiation; he is recovering well and looking to get back to golf.

Jim Svobodny has been afflicted with Bell’s Palsey, which causes the right side of his face to sag. He’s hoping a course of medical treatment will get him back to normal.

I’ve had my own medical setbacks recently with lots of fatigue and weakness. I just received two units of blood, so I’m hoping that will perk me up a little like a vampire.



If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.




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