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October 2016


September brings us the club championship with two rounds at Lincoln Hills on consecutive days, along with all the drama, clutch shots, missed opportunities and close finishes for the final top positions.  This year, all of the above reached new heights; if the Ryder Cup ends with such a finish it will be an instant classic.


Each of the Lincoln Hills events were tournaments on their own with entirely separate results.  Each of the courses enjoyed warm, seasonal weather, good course conditions, and some devilish pin placements.



1st Flight

1 Brad Erway 70 net
2 Mike Morrow 73 Card off
3 Alan Staton 73
4 Jim Svobodny 73

Brad Erway won the fewest putts contest with 31.


2nd Flight

1 Rich Stratton 66 net
2 Jay Watson 73 Card off
3 Sandy Davis 73
4 John Valdes 73

Michael Dazey carded the fewest putts with an outstanding 27.


3rd Flight

1 Scott Stremple 72 net
2 Judy Davenport 73
3 Allen Murdaugh 74
4 Dave Ward 75

Judy Davenport won the fewest putts with 32.


Closest to the Pin winners:

#4, Mike Morrow, 8' 7", #7, Alan Staton, 26' 11", #11, Dave Ward, 10' 7", #16, Dan Nelson, 27' 4".




1st Flight

1 Brett Svobodny 58 net
2 Mike Evans 62
3 Dan Nelson 65
4 Brad Erway 68

Brad Erway won the fewest putts contest with 30.


2nd Flight

1 John Buck 62
2 Gene Coughlin 69
3 Jay Watson 70 Card off
4 Mark Ferguson 70

John Buck topped the putting stats with 31.


3rd Flight

1 Rosanna Evans 57
2 Scott Stremple 68 Card off
3 Dave Ward 68
4 Nick Schiaretti 71

Dave Ward won the fewest putts with a noteworthy 27.


Closest to the Pin winners:

#5, Mike Morrow, 8' 2", #7, Nancy Luke, 11' 7", #12, Judy Davenport, 9' 3", #16, Ken Peterson, 2' 7".




The scoring for the club championship used 90% of handicap, so the results don’t exactly match the results from the individual tournaments.  After a fairly uneventful Saturday on the Orchard Course—some very nice scores, a lot of them, but nothing too unusual--Sunday exploded into chaos with some incredibly low scores.  The players shooting these scores hadn’t scored too well on Saturday, so the final results were totally up in the air.  Rosanna Evans shot an 88, net 60, Brett Svobodny posted a 73, net 59, to lead the pack, while several players who did play well on Saturday returned with nice, solid scores on Sunday.  The final results:  Brett Svobodny won the club championship with two-day total of 136 to beat Brad Erway’s score of 138.  Rosanna Evans’ great round on Sunday moved her to third place with a 142 score, while Dan Nelson and Rich Stratton tied for 4th with 143 scores.  Congratulations to Brett and all the top finishers. 



October starts with the Reno trip October 6 through 9.  The club has a nice turnout signed up for this outing—enjoy yourselves!  Renee has already sent out the entry form for our end-of-year scramble and awards luncheon on Saturday, October 29 at Bartley Cavanaugh.



Our Teal Bend tournament was also an NCGA qualifier; after much to-ing and fro-ing over scheduling conflicts, our representatives were Brad Erway, Jim Svobodny and Will Wong, who replaced Joe Gough after Joe’s recent injury.  Good luck to all our competitors.  Unfortunately, our team did not advance to the next level of play.



The TRGC points champion and closest competitors will be announced at the Bartley Cavanaugh tournament. 



It’s almost time to renew your TRGC membership.  Our club secretary, Judy Davenport, will be sending out the renewal forms in the very near future.  Right now, the club has 95 members, although our tournament participation has dropped to just under 40 players per event.  As with any year, most of our members will renew but some will not, for a variety of reasons. The lifeblood of any organization is to recruit new members.  If this key component is neglected, the organization will ultimately fail.   With this in mind, TRGC needs more new members, especially ones who will compete in most of the tournaments! 


Two Rivers has a lot to offer its members:

  • The Board of Directors spends a great deal of time setting up a tournament schedule that includes high-quality courses while at the same time keeping the entry fees down.
  • The club offers close competition in several flights, giving more competitors a chance to win prize money.
  • Most of our tournaments incorporate shotgun starts, the early starts helping beat the summer heat and all of them shortening the wait for scoring results.
  • I play in many different foursomes and I’m happy to say what a pleasure it is to meet new members and enjoy their company and golf skills during each round of golf; don’t overlook the value of good, compatible playing companions.

Keep those friends, co-workers and other golf buddies coming!  This is the ideal time to recruit new members for the coming 2017 golf season.  Be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.  Don’t forget, you can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for each new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per person per year).



No major news here, except that my own health has improved recently.  I still have a long way to go with my kidney treatment program and returning to a regular food diet and regaining strength, but I’m confident that I can achieve these goals in time.



If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.




Tom Page









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