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August 2016


The club had one tournament in July, and it was a good one.  The weather at Teal Bend was perfect:  warm, sunny, a nice moderate breeze.  Some of our members had extraordinary shot making experiences, starting with Jim Svobodny with an ace on the par 3 16th hole.  The scorecard distance on this hole was 146 yards, but the pin was all the way back in the right corner and into some breeze, too, probably playing more like 170.  Even more remarkable—because we were using a shotgun start, this was Jim’s first hole and first shot of the day!  Way to go, Jim.


Brad Erway also got off to a good start on his first hole, the par 4 #18.  After leaving his tee shot in the left bunker, Brad blasted out, hit a wedge pretty close and drained the putt for a nice sandy par.  Brad’s finish was even more impressive.  On the par 5 #17, Brad hit a nice tailing drive over the water and the right fairway bunker, leaving him easily in range of the green.  A perfect 7-iron brought him to 8-10 feet from pin.  Once again, Brad drained the putt, this time for an eagle. 


Paul Sickert had a little trouble off the tee on the long par 4 #11, but his fourth shot from 75 yards was a thing of beauty.  It hit right in the cup, putting a major hurt on the lip.  Unfortunately, the ball popped out and stayed an inch or two from the hole, but it was an impressive shot nonetheless.


Lastly, Mike Morrow got a little greedy on the par 3’s and won all of them except for #16 where Jim had his ace.  Somebody take away his wedges!



1st Flight

1 Basil Lobaugh 68 net
2 Terry Snyder 69 (card off)
3 Brad Erway 69
4 Gary Conner 70

Bob Prouty won the fewest putts contest with 30 in a card off.


2nd Flight

1 Jim Svobodny 64 net
2 John Buck 66
3 Sandy Davis 68
4 Lee Ann Lobaugh 69

Bob Prokopow carded the fewest putts with 31 in a card off.


3rd Flight

1 Beverly Nelson  67 net
2 Cheryl Nelson 69
3 Joe Gough 70
4 Nick Schiaretti 71

Cheryl Nelson won the fewest putts with an outstanding 27.


Closest to the Pin winners:

#4, Mike Morrow, 30', #9, Mike Morrow, 6' 9", #12, Mike Morrow, 20' 1", #16, Jim Svobodny ACE.



In August, we have DRY CREEK on Saturday, August 6.  Later in the month, we will be playing WHITNEY OAKS ON Saturday, August 27.  September brings us to the two club championship rounds at Lincoln Hills, Saturday and Sunday, September 24 & 25.



Earlier this year, Bob Prouty and Brad Erway played in their NCGA qualifying event at Ancil Hofmann.  They played well but didn’t make the cut for the next round.  Just recently, the four person team of Alan Staton, Brad Erway, Steve Ryan and Rich Anderson finished second in their qualifying round at Castle Oaks.  They will move on to the finals at Poppy Hills and Spyglass Hill.  Alan Staton and Jim Svobodny have a qualifying round at Castle Oaks on August 10 for their Senior Four-Ball competition.  Our Teal Bend tournament was also an NCGA qualifier; after much to-ing and fro-ing over scheduling conflicts, our representatives will be Brad Erway, Jim Svobodny and Joe Gough.  Good luck to all our competitors.



YOU CAN POST SCORES WHEN YOU PLAY ONLY 9 HOLES. The USGA has a system that allows two 9-hole scores to be combined to create an 18-hole score that is designated with the letter C (combined nines). Nine-hole scores are combined in the order that they are received into the player’s scoring record from any club or from any combination of nines. An 18-hole score created by the combination of two 9-hole scores will display the date and course name of the latest 9-hole course score.




YOU CAN POST SCORES WHEN A COMPLETE ROUND IS NOT PLAYED. If 13 or more holes are played, the player can post an 18-hole score. If 7-12 holes are played, the player can post a 9-hole score. In either case, scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes. If you want to know more information, please contact me.

In reviewing member scoring records, I noticed that several only have TRGC scores posted in the handicap system. All TRGC rounds are designated as T scores (tournament). Other types of scores include H (home) and A (away). USGA advises us to post all rounds to provide a mix of score types in order to establish a legitimate handicap. But, remember that this year the USGA asked us not to post scores when we play alone. The GHIN System automatically compares scores to identify players with T scores that are consistently lower than the other score types. I hope the two options listed above will allow members to post more scores in addition to the T scores that I post for you.


Cheryl Nelson, Handicap Chair





After the Teal Bend tournament, here are the club point leaders:



Jim Svobodny


2 Brad Erway 170
3 Mike Morrow 150
3 Sandy Davis 150
5 Dan Nelson 135
5 Cheryl Nelson 135
7 Michael Marks 125
7 Beverly Nelson 125
9 Judy Davenport 120
9 Gene Coughlin 120
11 Michael Dazey 115
11 John Buck 115
11 Alan Staton 115
14 Bob Prouty 110
14 Nick Schiaretti 110
16 Rich Stratton 105
16 Joe Gough 105
16 Mike Long 105
19 Rosanna Evans 100
19 Tom Page 100
19 Bruce Prokopow 100
22 Peggy Mucci 95
22 Lee Ann Lobaugh 95




Keep those friends, co-workers and other golf buddies coming!  As always, TRGC is looking to increase its membership base, so be sure to invite your friends, co-workers, and golf buddies from other groups to meet our club.  Don’t forget, you can take $5 off your renewal fee for next year for each new member you bring to the club (limit of five new members per person per year).



I’m sorry to report that Sandy Davis’s wife, Lynn, passed away recently.  The club sends its condolences and prayers to Sandy and his family.  Remember to keep any ailing club members in your thoughts and prayers. 





If you have information or material that you would like included the newsletter, my email address is tpagefam@surewest.net; my home phone is (916) 488-6465.



Tom Page









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